Friday, August 3, 2012

New Training Facility in Hanover?

In an "Open Letter to the Residents of Hanover," Ronald R. Francioli, the Mayor of Hanover Township, NJ, outlines details on a new Red Bulls Training Facility.  The full description reads:

The Red Bull organization has received preliminary and final site plan approvals to develop approximately 16.2 acres of land located between Melanie Lane and Route 10 into a first class training facility for its professional soccer team.   The plan calls for two grass soccer fields, an artificial turf soccer field, a bleacher seating 360 persons, four small buildings for various uses and 94 paved parking spaces. The Red Bulls anticipate occupancy in March, 2013. 

Could the Red Bulls finally be constructing the training facility they have wanted for so many years? It sure sounds like a big step up from the days of training in the Giants Stadium parking lot!  Stay tuned.

(Thanks to Dan Covello on twitter for the photo of the area in question.)

*Edit: Please click here for the link to the article with details regarding the site plans for the proposed Hanover Township training facility.


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