Monday, October 8, 2012

RBNY vs Chicago Fire: Disaster

In an absolute must-win home game, the New York Red Bulls showed why they absolutely can't hang with the best teams in the League. This embarrassing loss (in front of a National tv audience - on NBC proper) highlighted everything that is wrong with this team. The defense is absolutely atrocious and there is absolutely no creativity in the middle. The great You Suck Corrales turned out to be this week's prophet when, just before the game began, he stated that "this game has disaster written all over it". When I asked for his prediction he said: 2-0 to Chicago. And so it came to pass.

Makeshift left back Wilman Conde had a horror game and was substituted at the half. His replacement, Conor Lade, did not cover himself in glory either, as he got burned (no pun intended) time and time again. Both these guys were so bad in this one that I found myself wishing for the return of "Rocket" Roy Miller. Center back Markus Holgersson was caught far up field on the first goal. Heath Pearce, being no speedster himself, stood no chance of preventing the Fire's Sherjill MacDonald from sticking it in past Robles. Another magic through-ball late in the game, and MacDonald got his, and the Fire's, second of the game.

Photo courtesy of Matt Kremkau

Thierry Henry spent most of this game, back in the midfield, trying to create something. Unfortunately for the legendary Frenchman, the opposition wasn't named Toronto FC. That he was even back there (for most of the game) was a supreme waste of his talents. After the game, Henry pulled no punches when he stated "we got what we deserved". Also he knows that this team isn't going to go far with such an awful defense. Well, it's quite too late to acquire a whole new back-line, so these guys better play out of their heads for the rest of the season. What are the chances of that happening?

The Red Bulls are currently 4th in the Eastern Conference standings (53 points) and are in a precarious situation. Both Houston (50 points) and Columbus (49 points) are nipping at their hooves and there are a few scenarios to consider. Worst case is that the Red Bulls lose two games (against KC and Philly), both Houston and Columbus overtake them on points and the playoffs are missed. Another horror scenario would be to wind up 5th in the East and then having to win a one game play-in at either Houston, Columbus or even DC. Winding up 4th would ensure that play-in game will be at home. Wow! It seems like just yesterday that the possibility of coming in 1st in the East was real. C'est la vie!

New Red Bulls GM Jerome de Bontin was in the stands for this one. I'd bet a few Euros that he wasn't very pleased at the final whistle. One more thing: paging Mr. Cahill, paging Mr. Cahill! Where have you gone Mr. Cahill? RBNY request your precense ASAP, Mr. Cahill!

Please see the video above for all the low-lights. Please see the video up top for the usual pre-game, half-time and full-time comments. Please click here for my photo album (slide show here). You can also click here for a nice photo set courtesy of Matt Kremkau (slide show here).

Alrighty then! The next game isn't until the 20th of this month, due to the International break and we can only hope these guys can get it together by then. I hope to see you all at the massive, season-defining fixture that will be RBNY vs Sporting KC. The big viper is outta here!


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