Monday, October 22, 2012

RBNY vs Sporting KC: I'll Take The Point

A Nil-Nil draw and the Red Bulls are playoff bound! Hooray! Much to my surprise, the Red Bulls did not get stuffed by Sporting KC and earned a valuable point in their quest to avoid the dreaded play-in game. Of course, they could have made a statement here by defeating the best team in the East, but it wasn't to be. Whatever, I'll take the point.

I'm going to have to disagree with our lame duck coach in his assessment that the Red Bulls had "many, many chances to score." He also stated that: "We should’ve won the game 3-, 4-0." Yeah, ok! We did have several half-chances, with our best one not even being on goal (I'm betting Kenny Cooper would like to have that one back). To say that we should have won by a goleada is stretching the truth just a little. To be perfectly honest, it was SKC's Kai Kamara who had the best chance of the game, with an open header that he put right into RBNY goalkeeper Luis Robles.

With several different playoff possibilities looming, the Red Bulls must win next Saturday @Philadelphia and hope that other results go their way. Best case, the Red Bulls win and Chicago either defeats or ties DC. I believe that would give us a first round home-and-away series against Chicago.

It's incredible that a team loaded with the maximum number of Designated Players this League will allow (Henry, Cahill & Marquez) has just barely backed into the playoffs, with one game remaining (a big thanks to DC United for taking care of Columbus). Then again, what does one expect with such an awful defense and zero creativity in the middle of the pitch? Pundits will, no doubt, note that our defense held, against the best team in the East. I submit to you that Sporting KC was on auto-pilot - a team that was in no danger of NOT coming in 1st in the East and did not have a (realistic) chance of catching San Jose in the Supporter's Shield race. Peter Vermes' men held and could have even stolen the three points a the death. But, whatever. I'll take the point!

Please see the video top for all drunken comment and predictions. Please click here for my photo album (slide show here).

Alrighty then! This game is history and now it's on to the massive, massive fixture at Chester, PA. I know that the lowly Philly Union, out of the playoffs again, will like nothing more than to stick it to us down there. Let's stuff em and ride the wave all the way to MLS Cup. C'mon you Red Bulls! Git stuck in Lads!


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