Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Throwback Tuesday: We Are The MetroStars

Hello there RBNY fans! Happy Holidays to you all! It's the first day of Passover and, I'm told, we're right in the midst of Lent as well (with Easter right around the corner). Regarding that other "Religion" that is "The Beautiful Game", the US Men's National Team (coming off the now legendary Snow Bowl that took place last week) will take on a desperate Mexican National Team today, at the aways imposing Azteca.

As for Red Bulls fans, there is the matter of this coming Saturday's massive home fixture. The Philadelphia Union boys, with their Son's of Ben "The Movie" Supporter's Group (ok, ok, - try hard not to laugh), pay a visit to the Cathedral of Football (rivalry? What rivalry?). Nevermind who the opponent is - We're in dire need of points, thanks to a classic "That's So Metro" start (2 points from 4 games) to the 2013 season. Our glorious club has managed to squander certain victory not once, but twice on the road, then managed to draw 0-0 in our home opener (letting a massive amount of clear-cut chances going to waste). A 1-0 loss to Montreal, that wasn't a historic hammering only because of poor finishing by the Québécois side, and we find ourselves at the bottom end of the Eastern Conference standings.

But nevermind all that! It's time to kick back, relax and re-live the "Good Ol' Days of The Metro". Click on the video above and find yourself back in 1996, with countdown clocks, shoot-outs, a carvernous stadium (with a rock hard synthetic pitch), crap management and (mostly) crap players (league-wide, I mean ;). You might even wonder aloud as to how many people in that video would believe that, 17 season on, the NY/NJ MetroBulls would still be without an MLS Cup (or US Open Cup, for that matter). You can click here for Part II and click here for part III. Enjoy!

Finally, a big thanks to the League for not purchasing the Cosmos identity back in 1996, when it was made available. It's a good thing too, because several of your other teams needed company with the ridiculous names and kits that Nike came up with. Plus, you saved what? $5 million? Your long-term vision is unequaled! Thanks also to the great Dave Martinez, of Empire of Soccer and Seeing Red NY fame, for getting me to dig this masterpiece out of my garage, where it had been in storage and all but forgotten.

Hope to see you all this coming Saturday @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). The big viper is outta here!


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