Friday, May 10, 2013

RBNY vs Montreal Impact: Thierry Henry Est Le Roi

Thierry Henry is The King! He's a magician and the best player that our League has ever had (sorry Becks). What else can be said? His two goals were enough to win this game and the second of those two goals, among his very best at our club, was certainly worth the price of an RBNY season ticket. The great Dan Dickinson has a fantastic match report, with the Good & the Bad and some great quotes from the players after the game. Here are my observations:

Despite the massive "6 point" victory, I'm still not convinced about anything regarding this team. It seemed to me that the Red Bulls were pinned back into their own half for most of the game. AT HOME! That's fucking unacceptable! Might a great #10 creative midfielder be needed to provide magic balls to the forwards and relieve the pressure on the backline? Hmmmmm???

Luis Robles. You gotta be fucking kidding me dude! He gives the ball away at the top of his box and - boom - Montreal have an added time lifeline. It was a complete miracle that the post and linesman saved us in the dying moments of this one.

Please click on the video on top for the usual drunken comments and predictions, this time featuring some special guest commentary from a couple of UK visitors. Please click here for part II, which features an outrageous "inside source" rumour on the next RBNY Designated Player. Please click here for my photo album (slide show here). Please click here for a fantastic photo album from Matt Kremkau (slide show here) You can also click here for my take of the Thierry Henry Golazo, from section 133, row 15.

That's all for me. Hope to see you all soon @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). The big viper is out!


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