Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Viper's Nest Belated 2013 Holiday Special

Yes, I know, we're a bit late, as it's almost February already, but here goes:

The TVN crew got together this past weekend to watch some beautiful football (Arsenal vs Fulham), at the world famous Football Factory @Legends, NYC, and discuss the rapidly approaching Red Bulls 2014 season. After the massive, massive Arsenal victory, the usual suspect, plus myself, discussed our hopes and expectations for the upcoming season. And there was lots to discuss

Several players are out, including Markus Holgersson, and only one is in. One other player is, supposedly, as good as signed, another one really, really wants to play here because his sister lives in New Jersey, we're, once again, linked with this French player and we drafted 2 college players in the second round of the MLS SuperDuperDraft, held just last week. Oh yeah, and one of the current top-5 midfielders in the world is rumoured to be signing with RBNY after the World Cup.

Please click here for a small photo album from our get-together (slide show here). Also, please do click play on the above video for our drunken comments and predictions for the upcoming season. Be warned, however: The optimism does not abound (as it doesn't with some actual pundits). Not a massive shocker. That said: Please Mr. Petke, prove us all wrong. Ha, ha!

That's all for now. We'll be coming to you next from the Disney Classic, on the 22nd of next month (Red Bulls vs Montreal). Hope to see some of you there. Until then, as Kosuke Kimura would say: Sayonara.


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