Monday, September 15, 2014

Union vs Red Bulls : Soggy Poop In Chester

Another massive road trip down to Chester, PA started off with the always fantastic Kegs & Eggs pre-match tailgate @The Cathedral of Football. Then there was another epic bus ride down.

Of course, the actual game ended in much disgrace, as these fucking clowns allowed a Philadelphia Union side full of reserves to steal a point at the death. But, hey, at least Mr. Petke was fired up.

Alrighty then! A CCL match in Montreal is up next (without several starters) and then it's back to League action against Seattle. I'm told another 8 points should see us into the playoffs so let us pray.

Please see the video above for the usual drunken comments/predictions. Please click here for my photo album (slide show here). Hope to see you all next Saturday @The Cathedral of Football, Red Bull Arena (built by Makita). Later!


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